New Zodiac Signs 2011: A Recap of the Changes for Dummies

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If you woke up this morning feeling different, you were not alone. But if you're more familiar with the stars in the magazine Us Weekly, both in the air, then you probably do not understand that you feel, and millions of different people really like many of you are now the new signal is the zodiac. No change, because the gap of monumental change in their logo and we all know how it happened. Hang difficult.

Back of the world, such as vibration, and thousands of years since the signing of stars was first identified, it is no longer online, such as the North Star points in the other direction (or something really hard, because it is better to let people smarter than I to explain the definition). We are located in the constellation, most of the time. And is called Ophiuchus, which eventually since time immemorial and get justice. Do not ask me why and how - Just go with it.

So, here is a new zodiac cheat sheet:

Capricorn is now January 20-February 16
Aquarius now has 16 on February 11 to March
Pices now 11 maart April 18
Ram is now April 18 to May 13
Bull is now May 13 to June 21
The couple is currently on June 21 to July 20
Currently there are 20 cancer on 10 July to August
They now have 10 augustus September 16
Virgo is now September 16 to 30 October
Scales, today, 30 October 23 November
Scorpio is currently ноября November 23, 1929
Ophiuchus beginning November 29 to December 17
Archer is now Nollaig January 17 to 20

Make sure your child can see exactly how mathematics and 13 marks to take place before 1912. I would do it myself, but I said I will not ask that question of mathematics. After that, try to explain to your child what happened in the air, if they really explain the Ophiuchus (as they can, and they call me, tell, because I was not understanding), then see if they accept care. Thanks. I wait.

And if your horoscope in the newspaper tomorrow, do not forget to watch your character (and not try to predict a log of age to read, so you can stop to remember how good it was before the first group stars). When former chart better than new, do not despair - but remember that you are prone to forget what you read or if you change the Garfield comic sudoku puzzle anyway.

The bottom line is this: How much are you really new characters, and how much you read about it just because you know that soon the new categories of risk, and you want your children to bed with the low price store information?


Suge Knight Arrested – Has Suge Knight Killed Tupac?

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Suge Knight arrested - Suge Knight killed Tupac? A major problem for millions of people in spirit now, when they dropped the hype video and stupid rumors on the net today. That Suge Knight killed Tupac or not, we can not know the answer to this question, but we do not know why he was arrested.

While Suge Knight was arrested today in fact. According to CNN, it was a failure to appear in court on a traffic violation. According to reports, 45, has agreed to go to the police and was recorded and released back to the state of the court, since the traffic violation.

The whole process took about one hour, it seems that few people know nou'n arrest in little more than they should be met. Quite a difference between a traffic violation and murder.

I think this report makes the transition latest gossip on the Internet are slain in recent days. The death of Aretha Franklin, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy and some other stars in recent days. Needless to say, all really live.

Well, I think the recent rumors of a little more creative than the rumors about the death. I wonder what will happen and how it will be.

5 tips: New Year’s Eve in Europe

Eve. Time to think about last year. To dream of next year. To celebrate with family and friends. Get fucked up, and kissed strangers.

Furthermore it is not always gone as planned, is not it? New Year's Eve is one of the hardest nights to do it.

If you have a big party planned in one of the capitals of Europe, we want to go. While we can not promise that you also run without problems, tips to help with the following text:

1) The heat
Needless to say that if you spend New Year in Europe, say the cold. Just how many layers you need to convert depends on where you are, and besides, you're gonna do. The temperature will probably be seen at night in Moscow from -10 ° C (14 ° F), and it seems Athens, positively around 10 ° C (50 ° F).

2) a great dinner
There are several reasons. If you have a table reserved in advance, chances are just emerging, that are weak. Restaurants throughout the audit, with a huge price on the menu and the need for further discussion. With a long lunch break you can do is enough money and run. And if your New Year's Eve alcohol usually involves a build, we want to ensure that you have something to enjoy everything he had.

3) Ask a local
I do not know where to go for the countdown to midnight? Can communicate with the locals, and you will soon. Whether you're a bus driver, waiter or porter - if they are local, they know where the best places to find. Make sure your preferences and interests of personal recommendation by name.

4) will come later.
Let it end, the end. Follow the motto to make sure you do not peak too soon. The best time to leave your hotel at 10.00 hours - it gives you a couple of hours to help guide you for the big countdown, and then the rest of the night is yours. If you're used to such a late start sleeping earlier in the day.

5) provide much of the January 1.
The morning after the night. You can research, but do not expect to open. If you're lucky, there will be a regional park that you can go for a brisk walk spiders escape. Otherwise, strong coffee and breakfast to help you. If you have something to eat, find a multicultural, Asia and Middle East destinations seldom used close to the holidays.

Aretha Franklin battling cancer: report


Aretha Franklin, pancreatic cancer, reports the Detroit News Tue

The article, quoting sources close to the "Queen of Soul, " says the report from the National Cancer Verhagen. 68 years old singer of 'self', announced last week that they have a surgery she describes as "very successful" had not known his illness. Franklin's publicist declined comment.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who visited four or five times in recent years Franklin, told the AP on Tuesday that he is "recovering well", it says nothing about the nature of the treatment of "major surgery" ..

Franklin said Jackson was walking every day in the hospital.

Last month, Franklin said she had canceled appearances and tour dates in May on the orders of doctors.

Crystal Harris Bio


Crystal Harris is one of Hugh Hefner new girlfriends.

Playboy Centerfold said its share of famous residence Karissa and Kristina Shannon, the years establishing the magazine, she, of course.

Harris San Diego State University psychology student. It is not for Playboy, but Crystal has used the name "Crystal Carter appeared on the official website of the publication. She was even named Cyber Club Student of the Week on October 30, 2008.

The characteristics of the model 34-25-34. List is "the rainy season, fast cars, good food, free, large corporations, care and honest, and sea creatures" among his interests.

Crystal and Hough got engaged in December 2010: up to date. Congratulations wide!

Brown dismisses California Lottery director


California Governor Jerry Brown said Lottery Director Ryan Borucki election that their services are no longer needed.

His last day on Sunday, December 23 by e-mail to bees and confirmed by lottery officials. Brown was sworn in tomorrow.

The new government has asked Lin Nguyen, Deputy Director for the acting director until a permanent residence in a designated place, employees Nguyen lottery emails.

"As we know, often changes in the changes in the staff brings,"said the e-mail. "It is the nature of the job."

Not Brown, Representative Evan Westrup understanding of the causes of change. "As usual during the transition, the number allocated to the management of existing knowledge of their appointment, the governor's current term will be close," he said in a statement via e-mail.

New lottery games in nearly $ 2950000000 revenue in fiscal 2008-09, according to a report released last. However, sales volumes since last year, and total sales decreased by 5.6 percent over 2007-08. Lottery officials said Monday that the final settlement of the 2009-10 year a turnover of 3.05 billion successful series.

Borucki, appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007, pushed for the modernization of the game, resulting in higher prices and, in theory, more revenue. The work was blocked by the voters rejected the proposal 1C - future lottery revenue bonds to reduce spending to avoid - in 2009.

In addition, the operations of the office of State Comptroller John Chiang, where auditors concluded that $ 46,336 in wasted staff breakfast to celebrate in 2007. Borucki said later the Senate Rules Committee, she was "ashamed and sad ... angry ... be surprised by what happened."
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