5 tips: New Year’s Eve in Europe

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Eve. Time to think about last year. To dream of next year. To celebrate with family and friends. Get fucked up, and kissed strangers.

Furthermore it is not always gone as planned, is not it? New Year's Eve is one of the hardest nights to do it.

If you have a big party planned in one of the capitals of Europe, we want to go. While we can not promise that you also run without problems, tips to help with the following text:

1) The heat
Needless to say that if you spend New Year in Europe, say the cold. Just how many layers you need to convert depends on where you are, and besides, you're gonna do. The temperature will probably be seen at night in Moscow from -10 ° C (14 ° F), and it seems Athens, positively around 10 ° C (50 ° F).

2) a great dinner
There are several reasons. If you have a table reserved in advance, chances are just emerging, that are weak. Restaurants throughout the audit, with a huge price on the menu and the need for further discussion. With a long lunch break you can do is enough money and run. And if your New Year's Eve alcohol usually involves a build, we want to ensure that you have something to enjoy everything he had.

3) Ask a local
I do not know where to go for the countdown to midnight? Can communicate with the locals, and you will soon. Whether you're a bus driver, waiter or porter - if they are local, they know where the best places to find. Make sure your preferences and interests of personal recommendation by name.

4) will come later.
Let it end, the end. Follow the motto to make sure you do not peak too soon. The best time to leave your hotel at 10.00 hours - it gives you a couple of hours to help guide you for the big countdown, and then the rest of the night is yours. If you're used to such a late start sleeping earlier in the day.

5) provide much of the January 1.
The morning after the night. You can research, but do not expect to open. If you're lucky, there will be a regional park that you can go for a brisk walk spiders escape. Otherwise, strong coffee and breakfast to help you. If you have something to eat, find a multicultural, Asia and Middle East destinations seldom used close to the holidays.


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