New Zodiac Signs 2011: A Recap of the Changes for Dummies

| 2011-01-14 | 1 comments

If you woke up this morning feeling different, you were not alone. But if you're more familiar with the stars in the magazine Us Weekly, both in the air, then you probably do not understand that you feel, and millions of different people really like many of you are now the new signal is the zodiac. No change, because the gap of monumental change in their logo and we all know how it happened. Hang difficult.

Back of the world, such as vibration, and thousands of years since the signing of stars was first identified, it is no longer online, such as the North Star points in the other direction (or something really hard, because it is better to let people smarter than I to explain the definition). We are located in the constellation, most of the time. And is called Ophiuchus, which eventually since time immemorial and get justice. Do not ask me why and how - Just go with it.

So, here is a new zodiac cheat sheet:

Capricorn is now January 20-February 16
Aquarius now has 16 on February 11 to March
Pices now 11 maart April 18
Ram is now April 18 to May 13
Bull is now May 13 to June 21
The couple is currently on June 21 to July 20
Currently there are 20 cancer on 10 July to August
They now have 10 augustus September 16
Virgo is now September 16 to 30 October
Scales, today, 30 October 23 November
Scorpio is currently ноября November 23, 1929
Ophiuchus beginning November 29 to December 17
Archer is now Nollaig January 17 to 20

Make sure your child can see exactly how mathematics and 13 marks to take place before 1912. I would do it myself, but I said I will not ask that question of mathematics. After that, try to explain to your child what happened in the air, if they really explain the Ophiuchus (as they can, and they call me, tell, because I was not understanding), then see if they accept care. Thanks. I wait.

And if your horoscope in the newspaper tomorrow, do not forget to watch your character (and not try to predict a log of age to read, so you can stop to remember how good it was before the first group stars). When former chart better than new, do not despair - but remember that you are prone to forget what you read or if you change the Garfield comic sudoku puzzle anyway.

The bottom line is this: How much are you really new characters, and how much you read about it just because you know that soon the new categories of risk, and you want your children to bed with the low price store information?
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